izayoi: Mato Kuroi from Black Rock Shooter (Mato Kuroi)
Otter ([personal profile] izayoi) wrote2010-08-19 07:54 pm
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On Baccano!

I'm planning to finish Baccano! this week. My feelings towards this series are really... mixed: I like the (seemingly chaotic) plot and the quirky cast, but it's just way, way too violent for my brain. I mean, Claire's torture methods? Are awful. Period. I actually closed my eyes and KEPT THEM FIRMLY SHUT during certain scenes. Yet I can't bring myself to drop this series because I'm honestly interested in it and I generally have a thing for stories set in the Prohibition Era. But. Argh. Claire. Ironically, I'm kinda... attached to Ladd, even though he's every bit as awful as Claire.

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